Saturday, August 1, 2009

Who does number two work for?

I did the Gary Henry training run this morning. He's doing 47 or so miles on 3 out-and-backs. I joined him for one of them at 6 this morning. 16 miles round-trip.

It was a fantastic run. The rain let off about half an hour before our run which made the levee nice and soft. The roads leading to Linwood were soft also - maybe a little too soft, I had about a pound of mud and rocks stuck to my shoes.

I was doing great until about mile 10 when the urge to leave some trail fertilizer struck me. I managed to keep going until about mile 14 when it was so bad I had to stop and walk. I headed into a corn field and briefly contemplated using a leaf from a stalk...but then I chickened out and just suffered back to the trailhead. I've never had to poo on a run before. Maybe I should start packing TP.

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