Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taper Time

After an undisclosed amount of stairmastering, running, a teeeeeeny bit of rowing and lots of moving it's time to chillax. Pike's Peak is this Sunday. Then Leadville. I'll be running Wednesday night with Greg, Ben and Sophia to discuss our plans of world domination. By world domination I of course mean helping Greg finish Leadville in the time he wants. I imagine the condition he finishes it in doesn't really matter.

I've been leading the Trail Nerds Monday night beginners run for three weeks now. I'm kinda digging it. I've had respectable turnout the past few weeks - with last night being the best by far. Although I really need to stop eating a massive dinner at 5:00 with my parents then running at 6. I almost puked last night.

In other randomness - the Trail Nerds held our night 10K last Friday. Erin, the kids and I manned the turnaround aid station along with Jon and Shelly (I think). We had a great time watching the runners come in, totally covered in mud, only to head down for the soul-sucking .999999 mile loop that is the triangle. Most made it out okay only to be reminded that they had to run back through all that mud they had struggled through the first 2.5 miles. The best had to be the people who lost shoes in the mud.

Off to Colorado on Friday and up to 14,103' on Sunday!

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