Saturday, January 16, 2010


My favorite shoes in the whole world are the Brooks Defyance. I'm currently rotating through my 15th, 16th and 17th pair of these comfy little critters. I've ran all kinds of terrain with absolutely no foot pain in them. It was almost like a shoe designed specifically for me.

So, I came across these two videos made by Brooks while reading Donald's blog: Running and Rambling. He does a lot of product reviews and he's excellent at it. Well worth adding to your RSS feed.

Both videos are worth the few minutes.



Monday, January 11, 2010

My new BFF

...Is a treadmill. The weather in KC since Xmas has not been conducive to lots of outside training. I've done a few Saturday or Sunday runs, and the Wednesday night beginners run...but nothing regular.

Instead, I've been giving all my running love to a treadmill. It's a love-hate relationship. I think once the snow melts I'll take it out back and deal with it Office Space style.

I did run my fastest 10K ever last night - 49:17. This included copious amounts of incline and no decline. 3 min flat, 3 min at incline, rinse, repeat. Increase speed by .2 mph every 6 minutes. I was running a sub-7 during my last segment (ave pace: 7:57). For me, that is fast. My legs were really sore last night.

I've had to be creative with the workouts. I can't seem to stomach more than an hour on the treadmill, so I've been breaking it up into 5-mile segments. Twice a day so far. Three times a day shortly. I figure a back-to-back 15 mile day on a treadmill is great mental training.

One goal I haven't achieved before Rocky is getting my weight down. I'm down to 200. Which is down, but not anywhere near the 190 I was shooting for. Clydesdale division, anyone?