Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Terrible Idea

I just had a terrible, absolutely terrible, idea...

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What's a Fat Ass?

So, what's a Fat Ass? Well, other than a common physical trait among most of the participants it's a term used in the ultra-running world that means that the run isn't an official event.

This is an official Fat Ass event, which means that it's not an official event. There are:

* No entry fees
* No T-shirts
* No awards
* No sponsors (including CRRC - this is simply a non-event being organized by a club member)
* No aid stations (bring your own fluids & nutrition)
* No road or trail closures (so obey all normal trail etiquette and traffic laws)
* No time cutoffs
* No cheering crowds...don't show up if you're expecting tons of spectators (other than funny looks from passersby)
* No bitchin' or whinin'
* No wimps
* Plus, this one will likely be cold, windy, and maybe even icy if conditions are normal for that time of year

Wow, that sounds terrible. What is there?

* A date, time, and place
* A course or route
* Bragging rights
* Good people
* Great fun
* Possible social events following the run at a local food/drink establishment

Since it's not an official event it also means that that anyone that wants to participate is welcome. If you want to participate in this Fat Ass but don't want to run 50K (let's say you want to run 5, 10, or 20 miles) that's OK since it's not an official event. Just don't claim that you did do the 50K or you'll get a Fat Ass Whoopin'.

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Ben, aka BadBen said...

Danny. If you really want to do this, it has to be near Jan 1. We ought to do it the weekend after Alt Chili Run...the Trail Nerds will insure it...I'll have some homebrew on hand. It could be total craziness, if held at a Wyco venue.

I propose we have a 1 drink minimum per loop. That would make it interesting.

Maybe the Hash House Harriers could do an aid station.

Just. Random. Thoughts. At. This. Point.

Bad Ben