Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One of those runs

I've had some good runs in my day...yesterday was one of the best.

In my book you can't beat one of three conditions for running: snowing, a beach or a nice rainstorm. Rainstorm sans thunder, lightning, hail and tornados, of course. Yesterday I got the rainstorm.

I met Ben and Sophia at Shawnee Mission Park at 6. I had planned on the beginners run, which starts at 7, but since they were running at 6 I figured I'd just do both. We hit the MTB trails as a nice steady rain was falling. Not too hard, not too soft, just right.

It was fabulous. The trails were sturdy yet just slick enough so you had to fight for your balance. The three of us did one lap, stopping midway to admire the new trail being put in by the Earth Riders (I think) back on the North side of the trails. The addition of the second trail is going to make a 10-mile run back there possible.

We got back to the trailhead just after 7. There was one additional car in the parking lot so I headed back into the woods to see if I could find whoever it was that had shown up. I enjoyed every step of that run. No iPod, just me and the woods. It doesn't get much better than that. I had boundless energy.

It was just the kind of post-MCAT run I needed.

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Brett said...

That car was me but I got on the trail at about 6:40 before it got too wet. I couldn't make 6:00 but didn't think it would be wise to wait til 7:00. Glad you had a good run. I did too!