Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back On The Wagon

Hello dear readers. All one and a half of you that remain. My mother even stopped checking for updates.

Can't say I blame her.

Keeping up with a blog is difficult, to say the least. Especially when you're trying to balance school, social and family life. I'll try to do better, pinky swear.

Part of my promise involves keeping me honest in my training for Western States. Yes, I got in. Applause, applause. I ran the Blue Springs 50/50 waaay back in October to qualify for the lottery, then, facing insurmountable odds (~20 percent chance since I had 2 tickets in the pot) got chosen, nearly first, to have the privilege to fork over $370 to get myself from Squaw Valley, CA to Auburn, CA on my own two feet.

And people think this is a weird sport? Nah.

Last night, at Coleen's Frozen Fat Ass Gary Henry pulled me aside and, after telling me he was dammed glad to see me, gave me a serious look and asked: "so, how's your training for Western going?"

"Training?" I stammered, secretly hoping some pressing Trail Hawk business would pull him away from me. "I...I...I really haven't figured that out yet."

Gary's look required no words. "This is a serious race. This isn't one you screw around with." Loosely quoted, of course.

So it isn't.

I'll figure something out soon. For now it looks like whatever training I do will be buffered by Rocky Raccoon next month and Kettle Moraine in June. I loved Kettle a couple of years ago (well, except for the tornado(s) and the mosquitoes).

The past few weeks have been light on the running. I've had a problem with my Achilles in my right leg so I've only ran a few miles since around Christmas. I did manage 18 last night at the Fat Ass. The leg felt good, got a little sore at the end so I felt it was best to let it rest. With snow coming down right now it might see some action tomorrow, otherwise I'll rest it until Wednesday.

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Graham said...

HEY, I know you created a training plan, tell us about it!