Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A bit nervous, a bit excited

The weather in Pittsfield is shaping up to be perfect for the race this week. Well, perfect for my taste. Highs in the mid 50's, low's in the upper 30's. A bit cloudy and a chance of rain. That's kinda how I like it.

I really just want to get there and get settled. (I'd also like to know if my box-o-crap I mailed myself has arrived or not!) I'm meeting Greg in Boston tomorrow afternoon. We're heading up to Pittsfield on Thursday morning. The race starts at 6pm Thursday night. Erin is flying to NYC on Wed then heading to Pittsfield, with a friend from NYC, on Fri night.

Starting at 6pm on Thursday is going to be nice, since I won't hit that 70-mile-I-hate-myself-and-running-and-never-want-to-run-again wall at 3am, I'll hit it at 3pm, when the sun is still up.

Here's my plan:

I'm hoping to have 100 behind me by 10pm on Friday. That's a 28-hour 100. Leaving me 44 hours to cover the next 100.

I want to keep moving until midnight or so on Friday. So, ideally I want to pass out with 120 miles behind me. Worst case I finish 110 before sleeping.

After 6-8 hours of sleep I'll go for another 50-60, hopefully finishing by midnight on Saturday. That leaves me 30-40 to finish by Sunday at 6pm.

So, another 6-8 hours of sleep, get the rest done, and head to beantown.

Simple, right? Right.

I'll probably post updates to facebook and e-mail the Trail Nerds and Trail Hawks. I doubt I'll update the blog until I'm back.

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Sam said...

Next to you, I feel totally sane.

Good luck!