Monday, January 11, 2010

My new BFF

...Is a treadmill. The weather in KC since Xmas has not been conducive to lots of outside training. I've done a few Saturday or Sunday runs, and the Wednesday night beginners run...but nothing regular.

Instead, I've been giving all my running love to a treadmill. It's a love-hate relationship. I think once the snow melts I'll take it out back and deal with it Office Space style.

I did run my fastest 10K ever last night - 49:17. This included copious amounts of incline and no decline. 3 min flat, 3 min at incline, rinse, repeat. Increase speed by .2 mph every 6 minutes. I was running a sub-7 during my last segment (ave pace: 7:57). For me, that is fast. My legs were really sore last night.

I've had to be creative with the workouts. I can't seem to stomach more than an hour on the treadmill, so I've been breaking it up into 5-mile segments. Twice a day so far. Three times a day shortly. I figure a back-to-back 15 mile day on a treadmill is great mental training.

One goal I haven't achieved before Rocky is getting my weight down. I'm down to 200. Which is down, but not anywhere near the 190 I was shooting for. Clydesdale division, anyone?

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