Friday, October 30, 2009


Finally! I ran to the lab this morning. What an absolutely excellent way to start the day.

Unfortunately, the route requires about 2 miles of roads before I hit the trolley trail at 71st and Brookside. This sucked for two reasons. First, there were tons of leaves covering the sidewalk and the street, this made it hard to see the little bumps in the road or sidewalk that'll trip you up if you're not careful. Second, the dammed cars. God, I don't know how people go and pound pavement next to streets all the time. The cars are so annoying. I'll take the deer, skunks, rocks, mud, horses, snakes and spiders over the exhaust-ridden, noisy, inconsiderate roads any day.

I didn't run the whole way. The urge to see a man about a horse (aka: poo) hit me about a mile from the lab. It wasn't subtle either. I managed a shuffle to contain the problem. Then I hit the stairs at UMKC...yeah, not comfy.

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Ben, aka BadBen said...

Sophia and I have started to help Lou Joline with his Monday night beginner's run (on pavement).

I used to run this route every Monday night back in my pavement-pounding days. Now, it is "interesting" to readjust to stopping for, and running near rush-hour traffic. You're right, it's hard to get used to running adjacent to cars, when we're used to running in the woods!