Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You know, I still am working on my Rocky report...

Believe it or not but I'm still working on my Rocky Raccoon report. By this point half of it will be stuff I make up along with the other half of stuff I made up while running. Sigh.

Geez, what have I been doing since early Feb? Well...just running for fun. There were a couple GREAT snow runs at SMP in mid-February. The kind of runs where there's nobody around and I just kind of trek through the trails aimlessly and end up in the middle of the woods with no trail in sight. The weather has been getting better so I'm not the only person running through the Plaza anymore.

Oh, Psycho Wyco was the weekend after Rocky...duh. I did 10 miles there. I didn't really push it, just ran it for fun. I signed up for 20 but my body told me 10 was plenty coming off the 100 the weekend before. The conditions were tough - starting to get muddy early with some very slick spots in the shade. I felt real bad for the folks doing 2 or 3 laps out there.

Had my spring break, didn't run across Kansas, obviously. Still sounds like a fun idea, just a pain in the ass to plan.

Brew to Brew is in two weeks. I'm looking forward to it. Not going to try to run it hard, just run it for fun. I'm really hoping the weather holds up...that could be a brutal race in poor conditions. After that it's the Free State 100k, then finals, then Jemez 50 miler...all of which is over 9k feet. Then I'll need to find a June or July run to get me ready for the Pike's Peak marathon in August. I was suprised when Matt Carpenter e-mailed me about Pike's Peak. He was verifying runner qualifications. I suppressed the urge to say something lame like "I read the story about you in the Times and I was totally impressed". Oh yeah, and then there's the MCAT...July 17th.

Did I say sigh yet?


laurie said...

race report slacker! are you not doing pct 50 in july?

Anonymous said...

This should be some report. Thank goodness there's someone who takes longer than me!

Clara said...

Hey! I had your blog saved on my favorites but I had accidentally saved it under your Kettle post...so everytime I checked your blog, I thought you stopped writing because it was always on that June post. Ay ay ay! Anyway...hope you're doing well! Get back to running and blogging!