Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An update!

I know, I suck. Let me count the ways.

Hmm, four months since my last update? Wow.

What have I done since then? Not a lot:

KC Marathon
Mother Road 100 (DNF'd at 50)
Nathinel's Run (DNF'd pretty early because it was like zero Kelvin out there)

That's all a setup for Rocky Raccoon in a few weeks, of course. 100 miles, here I come, again.

I'm taking the unprepared approach to this race. My long runs lately have only been 10-15 milers on the weekends.

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Tom Grant said...

I have my google alert set for RR so I notice your blog. I was considering RR 50, but decided yesterday to go to Dan Man in Southern Oklahoma instead. I felt I had too much to learn; drop bags, ultra eating, headlamps, gaiters etc. Good luck in Huntsville.