Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trail Nerds in The Ptich

The Trail Nerds got a great write-up in our local weekly paper, The Pitch. You can find it here.

As part of it they included a kind-of-obscured picture of a runner at the Mud and Muck 5k two weeks ago...number 71. Hey, I was number 71. Go figure. I'm on the cover of The Pitch for being a Trail Nerd. Life couldn't be better.

Patriot's Run tomorrow. Let's hope my foot decides to play nice.

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sophianchor said...

so i totally have the pitch article sitting by my bedside.. hee hee
ran a paved half in 1:43.. new PR.

getting much faster on the trails. are you doing rock creek? 50k? do it, i'm having a party afterwards.