Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Time Off

I ran today for the first time in 8 days. It felt like it had been forever.

I have two reasons. First off, I had to give my foot a rest. I have no clue what I did to it but the top of my left foot has been killing me when I run. It started during Mt. Hood, continued through San Francisco and kept getting worse. Finally it started hurting when I wasn't even on it. Bitching about it wasn't making it feel any better so I finally stopped running on it. This has been my longest break from running since my IT band injury back in April.

My second reason is that school started up again. I'm taking Biochem, Instrumental Analysis and P-Chem at Rockhurst. I'm also taking Genetics at KU from a guy who both wrote my book and who is on a first name basis with either Crick or Watson (well, Crick is dead, but you get the point). On top of that I'm leading a two-night a week review class (called Supplemental Instruction) for Organic Chemistry which means I get to go to all the Organic lectures (again). Oh, and about P-Chem...this class scares me. It's all calc based and the only calc I remember is how to do the derivative of x^2. I'm so screwed.

How am I going to keep up a good running schedule?

Anyways, enough complaining. My foot felt ok today. It hurt a bit, but nothing like last week. It was a short run, 3 miles. I'll give it another few days and see where I'm at. Perhaps an x-ray is in my future.

I signed up for another 100-miler...a road race along route 66 in Oklahoma. The Mother Road 100. Should be a nice experiment as to what running on a state highway will be like in preperation for the run across Kansas.

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Clara said...

How's the foot feeling so far? Did it hurt even worse after running?

Yeah...it is very hard to try to run while you're in school and such. Good luck!